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Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
to care. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is dolan urgal i am a forester. and i have planted hundreds and hundreds of trees in sonoma county north and a few in san francisco itself. i am looking at this plan that we had here of the rec center. and some months ago, we were presented with a plan that would be the rec center needed attention. we had a nice idea. somebody had a nice idea and took it up. but, somehow conflicted with this was the ideal of the removal of a whole bunch of trees and moving other parts of tennis courts and this sort of thing. this brings up the subject of trees. now, as my friend over here mentioned, trees have fallen. but the trees that have fallen should have been removed a long time ago, they were old pines that are come up with their end of their life. the trees if they want to take down are giant things, about this big around. big ucaliptis trees that are historic and to get rid of his trees is just absolutely insane. we have, we need these trees. but, the other thing that i would like to bring up is that somebody has not got the right ide
Nov 18, 2012 8:00am PST
much sir. next speaker. >> good morning. i am ralph and i live with my wife in woodside. i am here to ask you to vote no on this ban on nudity and i don't go to jane warner plaza myself but i support those that do. there is no property damage. there is no logical argument for the proposed ban and it comes down to one phrase "it's disgusting". i will remind you that beauty and disgust is in the eye of the beholder and what comes next. many consider obesity disgusting and ban that and our constitution is built on individual's rights and pursuit to happiness. many laws have been passed by the majority over years and ultimately based on bigotry and disgust and gay marriage and sodomy and many more. every time one of the laws is tested in court it has been eventually over turned. the same thing would happen here. it hurts no one. let's not pass it just because a few people find it disgusting. san francisco is about individual's rights and people come to the city to be who they are without concerns of bigging on tree and scorn. nudity is one more freedom that san francisco has c
Nov 20, 2012 9:00pm PST
in the community and i am -- part of the naked nude and two words that make everyone's ears perk up even here in san francisco. the supervisor has seriously exaggerated the nudity in jane warner plaza and now a city wide problem and involving every elected official in local government. this has given the supervisor media attention and has name is known around the planet and throwing away san francisco live and let live and i ask you where is the evidence? i will tell you what evidence i have. i have a petition with 1500 signatures and comments and asking you ladies and gentlemen, the board of supervisors, not -- i politely repeat not to implement a city wide nudity ban. the supervisor from district eight refers to some of his own constituents as disgusting and a blight on the neighborhood. this has rendered intolerable in san francisco california. sadly many people in the community now refer to the castro district as district hate. ladies and gentlemen of the committee please stop this head line grabbing and i implore you to kill this legislation today, right now, today before this hear
Nov 25, 2012 8:00am PST
freedoms are there i find accelerating and liberating, so what i am asking. >> >> is don't do this to san francisco and i urge the members to meet with the full board that the proposed antinudity legislation not be passed. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello. my name is gimse towel and the hostess of the naked tv series that airs on channel 29. first of all nudity doesn't harm children. have you ever seen a person cry when they see a naked person. they laugh. it doesn't traumatize them. nudity is natural and harmless and our bodies are god's gifts and don't look like mistakes and sacred and this is attack on freedom, love, creative self expression. according to the deck clairation of the independence we have this right. body freedom is our right and given to us by our creator and no human being has the right to take it away. >> excuse me. rules -- >> unconstitutional and unamerican. >> i ask the chair please remove the speaker. she is violating the rules. >> and body shame -- no to scott wiener. yes to the declaration of independence. [inaudible] [applause]
Nov 13, 2012 12:00pm PST
. >> and there may be other information too. i mean we are speaking abstractly, so i... you know i am doing the best that i can. i think that yes, absolutely, the identity of anyone that the controller's office was adjudicating, like (inaudible) during the course of the investigation (inaudible) protected confidential. >> i am trying to understand what kind of information could be in the file that if we asked the controller's office and the ethics commission to rereview for potentially non-privileged documents what those could even entail. because the breadth of this privilege appears so broad that it is hard to imagine what would not be covered in light of yours and the city attorney's of san francisco's description. >> sure. and maybe, internal communications about we are going to meet to discuss this at such and such a time. i don't know if who is assigned to the investigation, if that necessarily would be confidential, or how many people are assigned. i don't know if that will be disclog be too much. i certainly would think that the controller's office would want to explain why it is... or shoul
Nov 17, 2012 9:00am PST
this here? >> rose cats and i am a resident of glen park and a frequent user of the park. i have already submitted my written comments. i would just like to you a, deny the appeal. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening, my name is maria monodory, i am a city resident and thank you board members for hearing us, i have three remarks. the large old trees, have enormous crowns that slt leafy portion where the photo synthesis occurs, on the surface of every leaf are pores to which carbon dioxide is pulled out of the atmosphere, they are like natural vacuums that move the pollution from the air. they plan to cut down 190 trees over all in the multiple projects for glen park. which will result in more pollution to the debt triment to all of us in the city. just think of how that will effect the children with asthma. park and rec say that these trees will be replaced by seedings. how many seedings would actually replace the function of one large tree? 50? 100? there is not enough land to substitute, 100 seedings for one tree. the roots of the tree burrow deep into the earth serving for protec
Nov 2, 2012 3:00pm PDT
of the question so there are three things i would look into. i am absolutely against on sundays. i think it's just ridiculous and i think you should be able to want to go out and not really have to look at your watch and if you're in the restaurant or whatever, and i think it does drive business away from small businesses and go to the peninsula and the shopping malls and so forth, and also i think we have to look at -- i think it should be mandatory that everyone could have a parking permit for their neighborhood if they live in the city. i think they should be to have that and we have to look at the issue of the disabled placards. i do have one, and i have seen a lot of abuse with them. i think that is part of the parking problem because they are truly misused by a lot of people. that's one issue that i would truly look at. thank you. >> thank you. >> yes parking here in san francisco is a major cash cow for local government. they raise close to $200 million in revenue from parking here and the variable meters in my opinion is just another gimmick. it parks close to $6 an hour to pa
Nov 11, 2012 5:30pm PST
balace and a cab driver here in san francisco. i would like to give you a little background of who i am and why i am here to speak today. i started driving a car here in san francisco about nine years ago in 23. and i went to cab school and you should sign up for a medallion under proposition k so i thought about it. i started driver a cab. i enjoyed it. i made a little money. obviously i'm not wealthy but i enjoy today and a year and a half later i went and said i am ben and want to sign up for a medallion. and i paid my money and have been waiting since. in the interim friends have gone off to graduate school and other jobs and i'm still here driving a cab because i signed up on the waiting list for a medallion. and that was my life plan. here i am eight years ago and the rug is being pulled out from under me and many others. this plan to issue the permits directly to the cab companies forces a driver like me to have to reevaluate our whole life and what we're doing. this is a golden opportunity for the mta to keep their word and say that any new permits we're going to give 5
Nov 15, 2012 2:00am PST
about a meeting time, that is embedded within the procedure process, for instance if i am going to meet with a complaintant and you document your notes, i met with this complaintant at this time and here is what we discussed. so you would see it in >> that, i think, clearly would be confidential. >> what i am asking about is if you send an e-mail to a ethics commission saying can we talk at 2:00 >> is that in the file? >> no, you are not going to see can we talk at 2:00 >> you will see the result of that conversation. >> we met at... and we discussed. because it is a form of record keeping or an interview record, if you will, a discussion record. >> one thing that i would like to say, from an audit investigation perspective, were very procedural, we have... we are very method cal in documenting our conversations, what we are discussing, time of meetings, both, because i don't want you to think that i am trying to evade what you are asking me. from an audit background we have generally accepted the counties and auditing principles that help us in terms of documenting so that we are suppo
Nov 17, 2012 11:00am PST
,. i am not sure how to check other than to reiterate that that is people associated with the second street merchants and i can name them off if you don't know who they are should not be speaking under public comment, your time is speak is under the time for the appellant. >> does everyone understand that rule. we ask that you honor it, thank you. >> good evening, honorary members of the board my name is monet josen and i own a 711 down the street and nowhere close to second street but i am speaking as a member of the public on this you. and as i 7-11 owner i am very well familiar with the coffee business. this is a second time appearing in front of this board. and the first case i was an appellant, and this board at that point fully recognizes that food trucks in the financial district is detrimental to the existing establishments. first of all about coffee, i would like to tell the board by experience. coffee is a very high margin item. all other products that any restaurant sells, has very high food costs, meats, cheeses, vegetables coffee in a lot of cases does contribute over a
Nov 17, 2012 11:00pm PST
that every citizen can enjoy. we're excited about it. i am happy to share the other 85 minutes of my enthusiasm with you at any time you're interested but thank you for your time today. >> okay. time for public comment. and for those that haven't been here if you could put your speaker card and give it to the commission secretary as you come up. please identify yourself. the first person is katie ladel -- >> excuse me commissioner. we need a motion first. >> so moved. >> second. >> now we will have public comment. >> okay. thank you. good afternoon commissioners. i am the chair of the cac and i'm not speaking on behalf of them because i don't know them all. that's i didn't am here. jennifer gave us the feasibility report on the 16th but we didn't get a chance talk about it. in fact we have never had a chance to talk about anything and that's the problem. we have had three meetings and long and mainly presentations that we listen and there is public comment and a few cac comments and we all go home, so this morning i went to the cac annual breakfast hoping to meet other memb
Nov 24, 2012 9:00am PST
cares about the money not about the cycle. it is just about the money, i am here to speak for the owland trees, for they cannot speak because they cannot speak, they cannot say their feelings and their rights. thank you. >> thank you. next, speaker please. >> craig scott and i am a glen park resident and a parent and a visit or. i fully support the project moving forward, that gives ample time for the public to participate and to comment on the project. for people who are trying to stop it any way that they can because it is a misguided tree fedish and there are 6,000 trees in glen park canyon and this will only reduce it by 58 trees, and not for that area and they are not in the best place. and i hope that you deny this appeal. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please? >> good afternoon, my name is lean o'brien and i illustrate park and rec and i try to make things better for butterfly populations. i would like to lend my support to reject this appeal. >> are you currently employed by rec parks? >> i am. >> we can't hear from you. because that is you know financial interest in the
Nov 25, 2012 8:30am PST
is missing in this debate is the dedication to civility. i am fully in support of this measure. it has become a vocal debate in my home and office and within the castro and to quote donna summer and barbara striez sand qualify enough is enough". it's an issue of civility. being naked and exposing oneself in public maybe a joy to some, but those that work and tended those with hiv and worked with the lgbt homeless youth and making it not an adult neighborhood but a neighborhood. we find it offensive. i find it offensive. i urgelet full board to pass this ban and i am sure no one is happy to see this come before the board. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> i am thomas lynch. i am from berkeley. i am fearful of the precedent you will set if you allow this to continue. wearing clothes in public is certainly a healthy pres defnlt i hear now that genital decoration is the new thing and a clue to standards being yielded. if i were a parent i would be outraged. it is not a free country for children that can't play on certain streets because their parents are teaching them to
Nov 7, 2012 5:30pm PST
to the voters. >> >> >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good evening. i am marvin and i'm the living proof that you're hearing the cases of cab driver benefits people. three years ago i had a issue with the taxi commission which refused me a permit and i appealed to you and you granted that permit assuming that certain things -- i'm going to comply with certain requirements, so as you can see that if i wouldn't have had that opportunity of appealing to you, but going to the court i don't think i will be able to have a permit, and the way i see it is basically the sf mta wants carte blanche for anything they do. they can run a red light. they can speed. they don't want to see policemen out there. they think what they do is correct, and i hope that you going to continue to be a policemen and when there is a problem, an issue, we can come to you and with a modest fee we can have that issue heard in front of you. it reminds me -- the situation they would like to have reminds me of a bully in a school which shakes people for lunch money everyday, and when i go to a custodian and say "what
Nov 20, 2012 12:30am PST
staff. and also installing the old coast daylight and i am on the board that and and that is moving forward and we will be getting close to getting that done. so that we will have a direct train service from san francisco and los angeles. >> and i can accommodate the director, we work to make sure that that happens. >> there are any other questions or questions specifically to this item? >> director metcalf. >> in the long run i do not think that it is clear if the fourth and king cal train station will remain a station or if there will be other alignments that we all end up believing would be preferred. i think that we need to be undertaking a process, with all of the partners. that will be necessary to pay for and get this project completed. and try to see if we can come up with an alignment and a design that everybody can agree to. i have concerns about spending money on ir that has a likelihood of having to be redone. i know in the scope of the project, a million dollars may not be that much. but there is... i wonder about the wisdom of proceeding. >> four and this king will be.
Nov 20, 2012 8:30pm PST
enforcement. thank you. >> next speaker. >> my name is daniel gonzalez. i am seven years old and we go to new nude hot springs and festivals and naked people don't bother me and they seem like nice people. >> hello i am iian gonzalez. i go to hot springs and events. naked people do not bother me at all. they're like a dressed person. there is no difference. there is only one difference. a dressed person is warmer. i believe nudity should be legal all around the world. >> hi. i am annie gonzalez. i go to clothing optional places like hot springs and festivals. naked people do not bother me, and if god wanted us to go everywhere wearing clothes he should have made it that we were born with clothes on. and i think that nudity should be legal all around the world. and if it's a hot day, it should be okay to take off your clothes >> before the next speaker if i could ask everyone to go by the rules. we don't applaud or cheers and i would appreciate that. >> yes i'm a san francisco resident and voter. i am george davis. let me tell you a little story from the pages of history. we all know
Nov 23, 2012 12:00pm PST
quote that is great that people would say, you know, they would recognize i am trying to write in that tradition. >> rose: wright. >> and there is a difference between that and me sitting there thinking, now who would i like to be paired to. >> rose: that's why i asked the question the way i did. >> who, no, no. >> i think it is -- >> rose: do you think of yourself as dickins? >> no. >> rose: of course not. >> i don't get that question but i also think that -- i do genuinely think that if you are -- if you are sitting there thinking, now whom would i most like to be compared to, you are wasting your time, just get on and do the work. >> rose: yes but who are you
Nov 11, 2012 6:30am PST
to be naked. this has to do with i want to get my weird sexual pleasure of being naked. once again i am strongly in favor of this. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi. i am bruce smith and i would like to support this legislation. i would like to have the freedom to take my two nieces that visit from texas to a film in the castro and not come out of the theater and be exposed to naked men. i think we should have the right to introduce nudity to our children when we decide to chose, so i also think that the nudity in the castro -- i have been there for six years and helped to escalate the other problems in the area and many people that hang out i can hang out makeid, i could do anything and lead to problems in the plaza. it moves around different parts of the neighborhood and i feel strongly it should be band and it's only in the castro. many people say "why are we focused on this?" and if they were in other areas of the city but they're not. they're doing it in the castro. thank you. >> next speaker. >> i am jesan ford and i see the nudists often and rarely mor
Nov 12, 2012 3:00pm PST
of the board and the public and good evening this evening and i am very excited to say thank you for joining us and as you can tell, we are very, very excited because before i shared my thoughts for the evening, i want to say go giants. >> yes. [ applause ] >> so, we want to congratulate our home town giants on a great, great playoff season. and victory in the world series. so, what i would like to do is share a few comments with you this evening. we were very, very honored, a couple of nights ago to be part of the university of california san francisco community partnership's fourth annual partnership's celebration. this took place on october 18th and i am pleased to announce that two of our collaborations were honored that evening. the first of which was the learner and community partnership award, which went to our physical education partnership and that is comprised of the pd department, shape up san francisco and our lead department. they were awarded for forming a pe advocates team that examined the quality and quantity of the pe offered in the san francisco unified school district. we we
Nov 18, 2012 12:30pm PST
mackenzie so we can expedite. >> good afternoon commissioners. i am a resident in the area and on the board of directors for court side 38 bryant. leslie katz long time no see. congratulations on your appointment. any of you get whiplash? i know i did. this is a break neck project in san francisco and i have never seen this. the giants took two years to build their place and it paid off. this is a lot of money coming from hollywood to muscle their way into our neighborhood and i want to say that clearly, and this neighborhood is a 5 billion-dollar investment in san francisco with 6,000 residential units and more on the way. you all know that. i was a big booster for the cruise terminal and i thought it was going to be a huge addition to san francisco and so did our neighborhood and we worked out solutions to complex issues. this has a lot of complex issues and absolutely no solutions. a lot of eye candy is what i see. okay. eye candy, smoke and mirrors, hollywood. what we need is a comprehensive discussion with the neighborhood, the cac -- not marginalizing the c
Nov 5, 2012 12:30pm PST
families that we will hold the enrollment fair on saturday november third, from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p p.m. at the concourse exhibition center east hall and that is located at 620, 7th street. this is an opportunity to meet the faculty, staff and parents from the sfusd schools and to learn more about what the schools have to offer and more about the enrollment process and help with the questions that the parents may have. >> if you want more information, visit i also want to tell you about the articles. and today's article focused on dual language programs in the schools and i encourage you to pull that up on-line and take a hard copy as well. and finally we said again and i will keep reminding folks that tuesday, november the 6th is a very, very important day. and it is election day. so, please remember to go out and vote, please vote your conscience. but whatever you do, vote. you need to vote. and please consider all of the measures on the ballot very carefully. our schools in our state really depend on you voting. finally i am going to end the way that i started
Nov 1, 2012 8:00am PDT
request before you reach -- am i correct that she asked for a continuance? and we need to know does the department concur, are they okay with that request for a continuance? i think no is what i'm hearing but we need to clarify that and if the department were to agree to a continuance, then the president and secretary could grant it beforehand. but you haven't ruled on the continuance request yet. >> my understanding is this is a request for a rehearing. you already at the last hearing rendered a decision. >> yesterday her firm sent a letter requesting a continuance as she has another matter. >> on the agenda today what i read is a rehearing request. >> yes, my understanding is she's requested a continuance of the rehearing request. >> before we discuss the request for a rehearing and a continuance, may i ask what is the status of the abatement order now that a request for a rehearing has been requested, so to speak? i mean, does that abatement process stop or does it continue on? >> once we received the rehearing request, we held off on recalling the order. >> recalled the orde
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 8,699 (some duplicates have been removed)